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Medicare foot care products provide the best in foot and toe protection to prevent and relieve blisters, corns, calluses and bunions from tight shoes and painful footwear.?Medicare?s foam toe protectors are fantastic for the treatment and prevention of hammer toe and claw toe, fungal nail problems, plus corn and bunion treatment.?If you have an injury or foot condition such as bunions, it is important that you keep your feet and toes protected to ensure that the condition does not worsen. Toe protectors can help to relieve pressure and friction on the toes, such pressure and friction can intensify foot conditions such as corns, calluses and hammer toes ? toe protectors can combat this pressure and friction while providing superior cushioning, protection and relief. Our toe protectors can assist with protecting common foot complaints such as bunions and hammer toes, while our toe separators and toe support products are perfect for assisting in the support and realignment of toes. Made from softening and cushioning materials, our toe care products will help you step with comfort.


5 in stock


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